Reliability and dependability is the core of the service, which we offer. This has helped us gain the trust and confidence of our esteemed customers all thru our years of existence.

Offers & Product sourcing

  • We provide regular information on the general landing of various products and current market prices based on raw material situation
  • Specialized offers to customers requirements
  • Competitive prices
  • Production arrangements to customers specifications or sourcing of ready products which meets customers specifications
  • Enforcement of timely shipments

Quality Control

  • Our qualified and experienced staff monitor productions regularly (for productions against advance orders) providing customers with updates on order process, etc.
  • Only the best product is selected and approved for production
  • Thorough Organolepthic inspection of cargo, ensuring quality, weight, appearance, presentation, packaging
  • Bacteriological inspection, Organolepthic inspection as well as pre-shipment loading survey by Independent agencies like S.G.S., Lloyds, etc. also can be arranged if required by customers

Post shipment

  • Full shipment schedule with periodical status whenever required is provided
  • Correct documentation and timely dispatch of the same
  • Follow-up to gauge customer satisfaction, scope for improvements and new product developments
  • Prompt response and immediate action to customers grievances, if any - Exclusive tie-up with selected factories for regular supply

Social Obligations:

We are concerned about the society and world we live in. We strongly condemn child labour, inhuman working & living conditions provided to the workforce, environmental pollution and exploitation. We encourage dignity of labour, proper hygienic conditions & well being of all concerned, especially when we chose the factory with which we work with. We encourage usage of biodegradable and re-useable material for all packaging. We do not procure or supply products produced from such factories that do not care for the society.